Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.91

Australia doesn't typically have candy corn anything, so when I stopped by this shop that imports American candy, I flipped out when I saw these. Y'all, those M&M's are crazy good.

I got anew dress that may look a little Stepford Wife-ish, but I love it. 

Also, I love when my mom sends me messages like this...a picture of J.J Watt...she cracks me up. 

Saturday night, my guy and I had a decent meal with a few fun drinks. 

He refuses to behave for selfies. 

We babysat our friends' cat while they were away for the weekend. This is Dash. 

As a "thank you", they gave me this "Halloween" pumpkin spiced candles. It smells delicious!

I hope you had a fun-filled, delicious weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stuff and Things: the Emmys edition

I like awards shows, but I prefer to record them and fast forward through parts that are boring to me.  As I type this, I've yet to watch the Emmys, but I've read some articles and looked at pictures.  I'll share some "stuff and things". 

When I share my thoughts about fashion, I try to only share the positives.  There are plenty of places telling you about what looks were wrong or misses.  I like to share what I perceive are hits.  Sadly, there weren't many (any) looks that really WOW-ed me.

But.  I can't look past this.  Claire Danes has walked many red carpets.  I'm going to assume she has a seasoned stylist as well.  How in the world did this orange glow, bad fake tan happen? 
Photo source
If I was attending an awards show and had to sit for hours and hours, I'd choose a dress like this.  How comfortable does this look?  Once again, Tina Fey proving that she is smarter than most.
Photo source
Yes, these looks remind me a little of 1980s prom, and I'm sure that fashion gurus will disagree, but I think it is adorable that he wore a matching bow tie to Viola's dress.
Photo source
Speaking of fashion gurus, I adore this purple velvet jacket on Brad from E!'s Fashion Police.
Photo source
I can't decide if I love or hate this dress Kristen Bell is wearing.  It's fun and whimsical, and I like fun and whimsical.  What do you think?
Photo source
Hey, Tom Hiddleston.  How ya doin'? 
Photo source
Don't you just love Hollywood couples that seem like somewhat normal people who have fun together and enjoy each other?  That's my impression of Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy.
Photo source
My favorite picture from the Emmys.  Yes, he is a working actor on a popular comedy series, but he's still a kid.  Love this pic of Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family.

Do you watch awards shows? 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blogger Love vol.8: Lessons Shared from Bloggers

Sometimes Often, I learn lessons from other bloggers.  It's one of the reasons that I enjoy blogging...I learn so much from so many of you.  Here's a sample of lessons learned from blogger buddies' recent posts:

As I told Alyssa after reading her post, you never know when and why you are put in the path of someone else's life who needs you.  This post of hers was a great reminder of that:  A Dime a Dozen.  It is also a reminder that we can learn lessons from one another when we may not expect it.

It comes as no surprise (to me) that when Jana has something to say, I fully support it, like this: Something to Believe In , and this one that made me cry:  Exposing Depression's Lies.  Both of these posts are chockfull of lessons.

There is so much honesty (and several laughs) in Jenn's post about Stupid Reasons I've Unfollowed.  What lesson did I learn?  I learned things to avoid getting cut from Jenn's regular reads.  haha!

Another Jenn, another great post, but for different reasons: if you don't stand for something.  She shares the lesson that you don't have to agree with someone to respect someone's point of view.

I enjoyed Ericka's personal experiences and insight when sharing her Thoughts on Quitting.  She also shares lessons learned from her childhood and parents, and I'm guessing many of us can relate in our own personal way.

Nadine is preggers with her first baby, and it's a girl!  This post that she shares is so lovely:  Things I Want for My Daughter.  The lessons that she wants to share with her infant daughter are thought-provoking lessons for all of us.

Steph's lesson that she preaches in  Any Book Worth Banning is a Book Worth Reading is a banner that I want to wave too.

Audrey shares some thoughts and lessons about giving a happy home to canine fur babies in her post The Origin of Dogs.  As a mama to 2 mixed breed fur babies and 3 kitties from the Animal Welfare League, her post spoke to my heart: 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Olympic Book Tag

Shannon started it...

Then, Kristen and Kristen joined the fun...

And Rose...

And Bev...

And Jenn...

(and if there are others I'm missing, share them with me because I'd LOVE to read them!)

How could I pass up a post like this?

A Book I Loved from the First Page:  This is the first paragraph of the Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys"My mother's a prostitute. Not the filthy, streetwalking kind. She's actually quite pretty, fairly well spoken, and has lovely clothes. But she sleeps with men for money or gifts, and according to the dictionary, that makes her a prostitute."  I was immediately invested in the story.

Favorite Road Trip Book:  Violet and Finch explore their home state of Indiana through some adventures similar to a scavenger hunt in All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, but this book is about so.much.more than that.

A Book with a Good Love Triangle:  The love triangle of Ridge, Sydney, and Maggie is heart-breaking and well-written.  It's YA, and yes, there's some cheesiness, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

A Book I Really Didn't "Get":  Sorry, not sorry.  To me, there is nothing sexy, attractive, or appealing about Christian Grey.  The believability factor was completely off the map for me with 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James.  I quit it with only 50 pages to go because I just did not care what happened.

A Book Set in the Summer:  Released under two different names, Vanessa Lafaye's Summertime (or Under a Dark Summer Sky) is set in the Florida Keys during 1935 Hurricane Season.  A book about relationships, duty, racism, love, small town dynamics, crime, life after war, death, a hurricane, and loss, there are just so many reasons why I loved this book.

A Book with a lot of Fighting/Bloodshed:  Don Winslow's epic saga portrayed in The Power of the Dog and it's follow-up, The Cartel is a realistic account of Mexican drug cartels and the "war on drugs".  Guess what.  There's A LOT of violence, fighting, death, and bloodshed in that world.  A lot.  Not for the faint at heart, but so, so good.

A Book with a lot of Plot Twists:  After reading I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh, this is what I had to say:  "You know when you're reading and think you've got it figured out...then you change your mind... then think 'well, maybe'... then you are completely wrong...then you are kinda correct, but there's a twist...then you've figured part of it out but it doesn't matter because the book is still so good? That was this book for me. I stayed up past my bedtime because I couldn't put it down."
A Book that Made Me Sob:  Others have listed this one as well, but I posted photographic proof that Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale did indeed make me sob black mascara streaks down my face.

A Slow Paced BookI'm Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid is so slow that I almost quit it, and I don't quit books often.  Then, the last third of it (or quarter of it), it changed, picked up the pace, and I felt like I was watching a horror movie.

A Childhood FavoriteThe Poky Little Puppy is the book that I remember begging anyone and everyone to read it to me.  I loved it so much, I wanted to learn to read just so I could read this book.

A Book Featuring Animal(s):  The love I feel for The Thicket by Joe R. Lansdale is all about the cast of characters: a teenager who is chasing after a group of men who kidnapped his sister, Jack Parker, a charismatic "bounty-hunting dwarf named Shorty, a grave-digging son of an ex-slave named Eustace, and a street-smart woman-for-hire named Jimmie Sue" plus a wild hog that truly is a character all himself.

A Book I Struggled to FinishRunning with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs - ** SPOILER ALERT ** This book and I didn't click. Sure, I could find the hilarity in the absurdity. But some of the severity of the dysfunction (particularly the graphic sexual abuse of a young teen boy by an adult, and the acceptance and encouragement by other adults for this "relationship" to take place) was so disturbing that I couldn't take the hiding behind humor and shock value as the only view presented.

A Book with a Great Friendship:  There is so much beauty to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak including both of Liesel's significant friendships: with Rudy and with Max.  A very close runner-up that is also WWII based is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne and the friendship of Bruno and Shmuel. 

A Book that Actually Features Olympic Sports:  When I first created this list, I thought of The Book Thief for this category because Rudy idolized the great Olympian Jesse Owens.  But, the story of the friendships was much more important, so it went to the category above.  Then, I realized I had no rock bio in my list, and I read many rock bios.  In It's So Easy by Duff McKagan (bass player and founding member of Guns N Roses and other bands), he discusses at length the many tools he learned to fight addiction and excess.  One of the disciplines he practices is cycling. 

I've discussed almost all of these books in the past, but this was such a fun way to compile them in this post.  Won't you join in the Olympic Book Tag fun?  If you don't create your own post, then at least tell me at least one book for one category that you'd select.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.90

Happy Sally - doesn't it look like she's smiling?

Sometimes I design jewelry that I want to keep for myself (like this black onyx and turquoise necklace). 

Signs of spring ~ numero uno ~ these yellow flowers

Signs of spring ~ numero dos ~ this camouflage butterfly

The husband sent this to me this week. He knows me well. 

Sunday vibes

Taco night is my favorite night!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!